Dick Thompson: h2h starting in Spain
Hacker: no indication for h2h yet
Stefan Kaufmann: 1% of infected in life-danger
Kekule : 2500suspects, dark digit typically 10fold , 25000 infections,7 deaths, --> CFR=1:3000
Nikolaus Müller-Lantzsch : no deathvirus
Sauerbrey: pandemic danger is given
Kekule : 1 death for 3000 infected in Mex.,
Stephan Pleschka: not very agressive virus, mild outside Mex.
Kekule earlier: one death per 1000 infected
are they honest or have they order to avoid panicmaking ?
7 confirmed cases in Mex., but most are not tested, Kekule must know that
outside Mex. we have 175 cases now and one death for
a CFR of 0.6%. But these have good medical treatment, not what
is expected at the peak of a pandemic.
0.6%CFR would mean ~100000 deaths in Germany

world:25(0),,38(0),73(7),104(7),148(9),257(11),331 (11)
[confirmed cases(deaths)] , 24.Apr - 01.May


reports from doctors from Mex. about >200 deaths, 3-4 dying
each day since 3 weeks. Mex. clearly tries to manipulate numbers,
maybe other countries too. Are deaths being reported ?
Expect some "Dunkelziffer"

A professor interviewed on Channel 4 news (female but did not catch her name) put a 1% CFR figure guestimate

Mexico's airports handled approximately 69 million passengers in 2005, of which 59% were on scheduled domestic flights, 34% were on scheduled international flights, 5% were on charter flights
and 1% were on general aviation flights(private aviation)

that makes 65000 international passengers per day, 520000 since 24.Apr.
(at least) 175 of these were infected with swine flu
=0.034% , Dunkelziffer = ?
Mexico population = 100M, 0.034% of this is ~30000
so the >300 reported deaths (from ILI,pneumonia) would give
a CFR of 1%, the 156 deaths from assumed swine flu
would give a CFR of 0.5%